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The Infamous I.A.A. Titan


Nicknamed "Redbeard's Masterpiece", The I.A.A. Titan was originally known as the Pheonix Titan because of the I.A.A.'s former name. Captain Redbeard was going to detonate a huge EITC ship of the line with red and yellow barrels, but then he got an idea. He decided to take the ship and modify it. He noticed the the ship floated too much and began to bobble side to side, so he added armor to it and heavier broadside cannons. He also gave it a bunch of extra sails. It now has the speed of a sloop, the broadsides of about five war galleons, and the armor of a bar of iron. Now, after Ned Yellowbeard lead the Pheonix fleet and renamed it the I.A.A., the ship was renamed the I.A.A. titan. This armada is considered the EITC of pirates when a former EITC ship bacame the leading vessel.


  • Hull - 10,000
  • Speed - 15 knots
  • Cannons - 20 (10 on each side)
  • Broadsides - 108 (54 on each side)
  • Cargo - 20
  • Shipmates - 18
  • Ramming Speed damage - 2,000
  • Explosive broadsides every time an enemy gets within 50 yards.
  • Lightning broadsides 100% except when explosive is shot.
  • Two explosive cannons shot in the front every time ramming speed is used.
  • Rear deck cannons usable when retreating.

Top 10 Victims

  1. Harkaway
  2. HMS Hunter
  3. RS Commander
  4. HMS Victory
  5. HMS Battle-Royale
  6. Death Omen
  7. Phantom
  8. Dark Banshee
  9. EITCSI Hull Ripper
  10. HMS Forager
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