I.A.A. Steel Giant Creation

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The impenetrable I.A.A. Steel Giant.

Are some pirates smarter than the EITC? This story supports that statement. The EITC thought it was foolish to make a ship with any more of a half-inch of metal armor, but the I.A.A. proved them wrong. In only 3 months, they built a ship with a whole inch and a half of steel armor. The ship still even floated, too. It was slow, had very little cannons, and was small, but the cannons were way larger. On deck, there are regular, 42 pound cannons, but the broadsides are 84 pounds and twice the damage. This ship would simply slowly roll into battle, get covered in cannon fire, let the cannonballs bounce off the steel armor, and return fire with the deadly broadsides. The EITC was out-smarted by pirates with this one, and after the 8 years this ship has been around, it still has not required repair AT ALL.


  • Speed - 7 knots
  • Cannons - 10 (5 on each side)
  • Armor - Infinite as far as we know
  • Broadsides - 20 (10 on each side)
  • Cargo - 15
  • Crewmates - 12
  • Ramming speed - 1500
  • Shoots firebrand broadsides that are also explosive.
  • Undamageable armor, what else is there to ask for?
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