The Inferno Alliance Armada Stallion

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The sly, fast, I.A.A. Stallion

This ship was built by 80 slaves who formerly worked for a rich, EITC ship-maker for no pay. The ship maker retreated away from his estate when the slaves were found by the I.A.A., and all of his work in progress was stolen, and the rest of the house was burned down. The slaves became ship makers for the pirate fleet, and they were given a salary. They paid the former slaves the money their old master had befoe he ran away. It was actually millions of pounds. A former slave told the captain that rescued him about a new ship that they were making. It was built three times before by the EITC, but all of the times they were failiures. It was an interceptor with average armor, but amazing speed and broadsides that stretched all the way down to the captain's cabin. The deck was also simply a big stretch of hardwood from stern to bow except one set of steps near the bow. The ship took a year and a half to build, surprisingly, and now it is condsidered the fastest pirate ship in the Caribbean, undisputed, and maybe the fastest ship of all.


  • Broadsides - 32 (15 on each side plus two frontal cannons)
  • Cannons - 16 (8 on each side)
  • Speed - 20 knots regularly
  • Hull - 7,500
  • Cargo - 10
  • Shipmates - 12
  • Always shoots firebrand broadsides, extra accuracy.
  • Shoot explosive cannons on the front when catching up to an enemy.
  • Ramming speed damage - 1200
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