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The arrow-dynamic killer, the I.A.A. Battering Ram.

The I.A.A. Battering Ram

This ship was another one built by the smart designers in the I.A.A., and it uses ramming speed very well. The broadsides aren't very good, but the deck cannons are certainly something special. The I.A.A. hired a smart ship making coordinator who was once on the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge. That explains the red painted wood and golden frame. Another unusual thing is the windows on the cabin. About 10 gunmen on each side aim muskets at enemy crewmates and they are usually the best marksmen in the lands. Also, on the bow, the reason this ship got its name, there is a way of ramming other ships. On the bow, the ram in the front has a sharp, golden tip, made to take down sails. Also, while the ram cuts through the sails, the figurehead is a mermaid with four double-sided daggers stuck in her head. The daggers have a purpose too, they cut through weak hulls and chop ships in half.


  • Speed - 15 knots
  • Armor - 7,500
  • Cannons - 20 (10 on each side)
  • Broadsides - 22 (11 on each side)
  • Cargo - 18
  • Crewmates - 15
  • Ramming speed damage - 5,000
  • Always lightning broadsides
  • Front on-deck cannons.
  • Rear broadsides, shoot lightning shot.
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