Holy Flag

The Holy Flag.

Me on the game xD

Keira Kinover-Mar, High Priestess of the Holy City.

"The Holy City was founded centuries ago, as a haven from war. It was a peaceful kingdom, and all were welcome, and still are today. The High Priestesses [rulers] of the kingdom protected it from Gods of Chaos who wanted them to suffer, and end the world of all life. Each one fell, all except one."

The Governmental Positions

  • High Priestess [Queen] - Keira Kinover-Mar
  • King - none
  • Council of Elders - Rose, Jason, and 4 other members (yet to be filled)
  • Mages - Edgar, 4 members (yet to be filled)
  • Royal Advisor - Jim Logan

  • The High Priestess stays in power until death. Any law in submission (which her and his majesty, the council members, and / or the advisor can submit) must be voted on by them and the Council.

  • The Council members have a term of 4 years, and at the end, they can either be re-elected, or new members be enacted.

  • The Mages supply a stable army to the kingdom and are the "police" of the kingdom. Their term lasts 6 years, and same election rules apply like the Council members.

If you wish to join, just simply ask me, and list the reasons why you would be good for the position.


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