The Heresogi Bird is a large rare bird. Hunted for its gorgeous feather coat, there are only four left in the world.


The Heresogi Bird's have an amazingly long 650-1,800 year long life span. Due to this there have only been a total of 1,000 on earth. In the year 1400 Charles D. A. Hairless discovered the first Heresogi Bird in Cuba, where it was devouring alligators.

Size & Age

The Heresogi Bird can grew to be up to 50 feet long and can live up to 1,800 years in its natural habitat. They eat alligators, wasps and other large animal. Their giant ravenous teeth are covered with poison.

Sadly, they do not live long and are nearly extinct because their feathers turn into SOLID GOLD when made in contact with blue mashed up blueberries.

A Hunter Attacking a Teen Heresogi Bird


The Last Four Heresogi Hatchlings

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