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The Frozen Isaland
The Frozen Isle is a large island with villagers that wear parka's. The merchants all stay indoors where it's warm and they can't freeze. The villagers are hostile to strange newcomers and will attack. Many say that the isle is cursed to be in an eternal Ice Age, but some know that it's because of the Frozen Weapons thst there stuck like this.


  • Beach [1] - The quickest way to get to the Town is to go through the pass from the beach. The dingy is the only thing that is there.
  • The Frozen Town [2] - Some enemies are here like the village soldiers. This is also where you will find the shops. A fort is located north of town, it's filled with village soldiers.
  • Fort Frosty [3] - A fort with enemies galore, but you can't use guns on them. The villagers here are the equivalent to the royal navy.
  • Frosted Caverns [4] - A cold cave with village soldiers, and cold skeletons. The only way to get to the Glacier Cave.
  • Glacier Cave [5] - A cave with a Saber Tooth Cat, cold skeletons, and ice ghosts. The only way to get to Snow Fields.
  • Snow Fields [6] - A former forest with a Mammoth, ice ghosts, cold skeletons, and 3 village soldiers.


The Royal Navy and the EITC don't step a foot on the island for fear of being cursed, but Jolly Roger sends his skeletons there. Enemies here vary from village soldiers to a Mammoth.


  • A Saber Tooth Cat
  • A Mammoth


  • Cold Skeleton Grunt
  • Cold Skeleton Fencer
  • Cold Skeleton Warrior
  • Cold Skeleton Warlord

Ice Ghosts

  • Traveler Ghost
  • Explorer Ghost
  • Pirate Ghost
  • Soldier Ghost

Village Soldiers

  • Slave
  • Recruit
  • Soldier
  • Warrior
  • Captain
  • Marshal
  • Strategist


  • Mammoth (A Mammoth)
  • Saber Tooth Tiger (Saber Tooth Cat)
  • Freeze Soul (Cold Skeleton Fencer)
  • Bennet (Strategist)
  • Señor Guapo (Explorer Ghost)


Even though they're frozen in, the villagers still keep their stores in stock

  • Shipwright - David Lias
  • Gypsy - Ybur Dnomaid
  • Tailor - Tailor John
  • Tavern - Henry Bart
  • Blacksmith - Andy Anvil
  • Gunsmith - Peter Monty


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