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In 1744, during the "new" Enlightened Monarchy of France, a new line of succession had to be created, to insure that the crown of France will never fall into the wrong hands.

The positions are put into "seats"

Seats count as positions in power, or in other words the line of succession. Point of this being, so France will always have a leader.

Name Title Seat Other
Benjamin Macmorgan King of France 1
Matthew Blastshot Count of Paris 3

Emily Mcsteel



Princess of England

Emper Nap Duke/Governor of New France 6
Richard Cannonwalker Former Head of Affairs 7 Resigned
Marie Antoinette Former Queen of France 1/2 If return, she would be a Royal Consul .
Jack Goldshot Duke 8
Jack Bluehawk Former King 1/2 If return, he would be a Royal Consul
Jean Le'fitte Count 9
Edgar Wildrat Count 10 Regent King of England
Jeremiah Garland Duke of Normandy 11
Johnny Coaleaston Count 12

Signed Privateers
Name Title Other
Richard Cannonwalker Former Head of Affairs Resigned, has immunity in French ports
Jean Le'fitte Count
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