Note: This quest has been completed. It is now just an Archive document. Some of the clues are now missing as well.

Potco Wikia Quest
Hello Potco Players Wikia!! I,
200px-Potc skull color
Lawrence Daggerpaine, GM of the Gen. Of Peace @ROLLBACKSSIGNATURETHING, have issued a new Quest… a Wikia Quest, the first of it’s kind. Follow the clues, and go across the wiki in search of the next clue. If you are the first to finish, you shall get a special userbox*!! By the way…. I didn't make it easy for you, so, each clue is in French!!! Use your knowledge of the French Language or a translator to decipher the clues. Also, some of the clues or not total obvious, and require some searching. Once we have a winner, I might decide if I want to make another, more elaborate one. Well, enough talk, your first clue is: Cette lame est de Maintien de la Paix. Good Luck, and GO!!! Userbox:
Potco Wikia Quest The First Wikia Quest!!!! has completed The First Wikia Quest!!!!.
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