As there are fights between different classes (EITC and Pirates) in the Caribbean, there are also fights between different dinks. The most well known is the fight between Rum, and Tea. Many have joined each side, trying to wipe the other beverage off the face of this Earth! Join in the fight for your beverage now!!!!


The Epic Struggle for the power of the Beverage!!

 The Tea Team sometimes known as the TTT is a group of EITC members and British nobles who love their tea! Their enemy is the Ridiculously Random Rancid Rotten Red Retro Ranting Rum Raiders.

Lord Beckett - Everthing Stops for Tea!

Lord Beckett - Everthing Stops for Tea!

The Tea Team's theme song.

Captain: Caddius Bane

Member: John Breasly

Member: Jeremiah Garland

Member: Maxamilion

Member: Johnny Goldtimbers

Member: John Warsmythe

Member: Johnny Coaleaston

Member: William Brawlmartin

Member: Jason Blademorgan

Member: Captain Stallion

Make tea not war

General Iroh says: MAKE TEA NOT WAR!

Member: Benjamin Macmorgan

Member: Marc Cannonshot

Member: Captain Josh

Member: Andrew Mallace

Member: Bad Kitty

Member: Princess Emily

Member: Roger Decksteel

Member: Boogie Mango

Member: Kat Bluedog
Tea cat

Member: Samantha Decksteel

Member: Davy Gunfish

Member: The King of Doom

Member: Mullroy

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 The Amesome Ridiculously Random Rambling Radiant RectangleRuthless Rancid Rotten Radical Rational Red Retro Ranting Rum Raiders Reformed, Recreated, Regrouped, Refitted, Revamped, Revolute, Reentered, Redesigned, Recommisioned, Realm Raiders!, also known as the ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, is a group of pirates who love rum! We are the sworn enemy of The Tea Team, and anyone who dislikes rum!  They got their long name because a drunken Lawrence and Jarod kept trying to come up with a name, and they just kept saying random R words.
Fifteen Men (Bottle of Rum) - Original Version

Fifteen Men (Bottle of Rum) - Original Version


Why is the Rum Gone? 10 hours

Why is the Rum Gone? 10 hours

Anthem is the Rum is Gone


  • Lawrence Daggerpaine (Captain)
  • Jarod (Co-Captain)
  • Jack Sparrow

Tavern mug The Fight Between Drinks Is a part of the ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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