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The Famed Pirates is a pirate guild created by the GM Angel Firehawk. It is also home to other strong officers of note myself Will Bandana, and Dreadshot. In total there are only roughly 100 guild members and rising, but quite a few active guild members and strong guild members. We are all a big group of friends, so we have many great times together. We also have some guild events besides going to invasions or fleets such as doing raids or contests or even parties at various wild islands such as Rumrunners Isle, Driftwood Isle, and Outcast Isle. We are ALWAYS open to new mates willing to join so if you see any of us feel free to stop and chat!

Guild Roster

Angel Firehawk -GM- lvl 47

Angel Heartbreaker -Officer- lvl 44

Will Bandana -Officer- lvl 50

Will Blastbones -Officer- lvl 41

Mark Redhawk -Officer- lvl 37

Roger Sharkbones -Officer- lvl 24

Nikki/Noodle -Officer- lvl 25

David Deckrat -Officer- lvl 31

Lizzy -Officer- lvl 15

Ty-Lee -Officer- lvl 31

Shadowpirate -Officer- lvl 22

Zhoelanne Cannon-Fist -Officer- lvl 18

Jade Firehawk -Officer- lvl 19

Max -Member- lvl 15

Jack -Member- lvl 4

Ben Dockshot -Member- lvl 8

-These are the majority of current active members, more information and pirates will be added in time as we work out some internal issues-


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