Elite. Co Marines is a E.I.T.C military guild led by Lord Samuel Harrington.

Commanding Officers

First In command - Samuel Harrington

Second In command - William Brawlmartin

Third In command - William Goldsilver

Forth In command - ***Open***

How to join

We Recruit on the at the Following Places. Server: Abassa Island: Tortuga Time: Whenever Possible


Must be level 14 and up and have unlimited access.

Must have the proper uniform.

Must be willing to serve for his Lord Marshall.

Must have a bayonet or musket.


The Elite Co. Marines, has Rules to Maintain Peace Throughout the Guild. The Rules are Important to Remember and are Aquired to all men in the Guild. if Someone are to break the Rules, They will either be Discharged to a Lower rank Under Lord William Brawlmartin's Approval, Or be Placed under trial, If an Important Rule is Broken You will be IMMEDIATLY Fired. The Rules are Placed here.

  1. No Fighting or Insulting your Comrades in the Guild, or in the EITC.
  2. No Claiming that you have Fired someone, Discharging can only Allowed By Lord William brawlmartin, Lord Jason Blademorgan, Or The King of England John Breasly. ( Major Rule )
  3. No Removing anyone out of the Guild without Lord William Brawlmartin's Approval. ( Major Rule )
  4. No Removing your Uniform while you are on Duty without Lord William Brawlmartin's Approval.
  5. Complete Attendence, Required. You may not take the Day off Without Lord William Brawlmartin's Approval.
  6. Do not Commit Plan's or Doing of Treason, or you will be FIRED IMMIDIATLY. ( Major Rule )
  7. Do not Try to take Authority or Dealy your Superior's Order.
  8. Do not Command Men That you dont have Authority Over.
  9. Do not Command men that you are not given to have Authority Over.
  10. Do not take invited wars to the guild or the company WITHOUT Lord William Brawlmartin, or your superiors. When we are not There, you do not have Permission. ( Major Rule )
  11. Do Not Invite anyone that has a Bad Backround with the EITC Without Lord William Brawlmartin.( Major Rule )

Note : That the ' ( Major Rule ) ' Sign, means if you Break That Rule You will be Placed Under Trial Immidiatly,Or that you will be Fired Under Lord William Brawlmartin's Permission.

Eitc ranks

  1. Cabin Boy - Member
  2. Captains Butler - Member
  3. Cadet - Member
  4. Thug - Member
  5. Privateer - Member / Doctor - Veteran
  6. Grunt - Veteran
  7. Lance - Corporal - Veteran
  8. Corporal - Veteran
  9. Sergent - Veteran
  10. Guard - Veteran
  11. Staff Sergent - Veteran
  12. Lookout/ On Watch - Veteran
  13. Ensign - Veteran
  14. Commando - Veteran
  15. Veteran - Veteran
  16. Midshipman - Veteran
  17. Marener - Veteran
  18. Officer - Officer
  19. Sub - Lieutenant - Officer
  20. Lietenant - Officer
  21. Lietenuant - Commander - Officer
  22. Captain - Officer
  23. Commodore - Officer
  24. Rear Admiral - Officer
  25. Vice Admiral - Officer
  26. Admiral - Officer
  27. Admiral of the Fleet - Officer
  28. Stratigic Admiral - Officer
  29. Lord Admiral -
      • '''''Superior/ Forth - In - Command - of the Guild***
  1. Grand Admiral - *** Superior/ Third - In - Command - of the Guild***
  2. Warlord/ War - Cheif - ***Superior/ Second - In - Command of the Guild***
  3. Guild Master -
      • Superior/ First - In - Command - of the Guild ***
  1. Field Marshall
  2. Marshall of the Army
  3. Lord Marshall




Crazy Aces

Demon Empire


British. Black Guard
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