EasterPPW Part1

Easter Ball

It looks like it's that time of year again..... Easter!..... Easter can be a great time here in the Caribbean. Parties to attend,balls to host, ships for plundering, and just getting to spend time with those you love and cherish. This year I'm hosting a Ball of my own. There will be games, events, "food", and many more things to do! It will definitely be the highlight to your wonderful holiday so I'm asking any of you to attend! You could be a pirate, or a member of a country! I could care less. 

Please leave your name,country, rank, and seating in the comments if you wish to attend.

Guest List

Name Country Rank  Seating Honored Guest
Sir Hawke England


Dinner Host None
Jerimiah Bluesteel Norway Prince Dinner Host

Unknow At the Moment

Hannah Bluefeather(Blademonk Austria Queen Dinner Host Ryan Blademonk
Raidrage  The Holy City Governor of Tanatanaka Silver 


Jason Clubheart Netherlands Second In Command? Platinum

None as of now

William Brawlmartin Russia/Romania  Grand Admiral Dinner Host None as of now
Taylor Prussia and Sweden  Prince  Gold None as of now
Davy Gunfish  Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth King and Grand Duke Platinum  None as of now
Charles Salisbury England Admiral Platinum None
Christopher Ironshot Wurttemberg Duke  Silver Duchess Kate Ironshot
Jack Bluehawk England Viceroy of Ireland Gold None
Jason Brawlmartin None None Bronze None
Jason Blademorgan France Commodore Gold None
Nathaniel Crestbreaker  England General Dinner Host 


Richard Cannonwalker

Pirate Dominion of Outcast Isle Governer Gold


Emperor Davy Hookwrecker The United Russian - Qing Empires  Emperor Platinum None
Charles Crestsilver  Switzerland  Lieutenant Commander Silver None


This prestigeous ball will be taking place on Saturday March 30. The time will surely be at 6:00 pm EST, at Fort Charles on Vachira



Easter Egg Hunt- In this "Bunnified" version of the classic game Hide and Seek. Our dinner hosts will hide around the Caribbean waiting for the guests to find them. Guests will work togther in teams to find our dinner hosts and the first to find all will WIN the game!

Feats of Strength- In this race against the clock, you and your team will have to work togther to race around the Caribbean through various checkpoints on sea and land. Our hosts will be at each checkpoint to guide you to the following one.

Dueling Showdown- In this heart-stopping event, you and your team will face off with other teams to see who is the best fighter of them all

Loot/Material Run- In your teams, you will launch one ship out at sea and will have 30 minutes to collect as much loot/material possible. Dinner hosts will be on your teams to monitor your progress.


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