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  • Today on Setepmber 25, 2011 Law's Brigade declared war on the EITC.


EITC:2 Law's Brigade:1


Lord Jeremiah Garland

This morning, I took my other pirate, Leon Swordfury, and used the invite code on Law's Brigade's code to join his guild. Once in, I approached Lawrence Dagger himself. He was unaware I was Jeremiah Garland, so I asked him if I could be officer. He said no, I had to prove myself first. I warned him that L
Screenshot 2011-09-25 17-56-47

Ned is a clear traitor to the EITC.

ord Jeremiah Garland was sending assassins after Dagger (a lie), and that to counter it I, Leon Swordfury, would assassinate Jeremiah Garland (in other words, I would assassinate my own pirate). In order to acheive this, I had a couple members from my guild, the East India Officers, (whose names shall remain anonymous), gather around me, and once Lord Lawrence Dagger teleported to me, the two men started sayin
Screenshot 2011-09-25 18-12-31

Ned's guild, the Co. Black Sharks, talks of treachery.

g stuff like, "He just shot Jeremiah Garland!" "Why would you shoot him!? You traitor", etc. Well, Law was convinced that I had killed Garland, so I joined back into his guild and he made me officer. A few moments later, Ned Whalebreaker, an EITC member, met with Law. The two discussed peace, and that Ned was a traitor to the EITC, planning to overthrow Lord Marshal Redbeard (see pictures). Law agreed to form an alliance with Ned's guild. Later, I was with Law and the other officers of Law's Brigade, and they were talking about Emily Darkvane. They revealed she was not a spy, and was not in one of Samuel's guilds, and wa
Screenshot 2011-09-25 18-14-55

More talk of treachery from Law and Ned.

s about to "not crash the guild". Therefore, Emily Darkvane is without doubt is not a traitor and should be allowed back in the EITC. Finally, just a few moments ago, after all the PvPs, I (still an officer), I did not boot five of the highest leveled members of Law's Brigade. Lord Lawrence Dagger, you are not defeated. If you cannot realize that, then you are wise. This is what you get for not messing with the EITC, Lord Redbeard, and me!

Sincerely, Lord Jeremiah Garland :-)

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