The Academy Information

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The Academy was first founded in 1736.

Possible Degrees!

The EITC Military Academy offers tons

EITC Military Academy Map!

of Military Carrers!


You can train to become a Regular old Fasion Soldier in the Infantry forces!


You can train to become a rider in the Calvary Forces!

Calvary Officer

You can train to become a Calvary Officer!


You can train to become a Soldier for the Artillary! ( Grenades )

Military Officer

You can train to become a top Military Leader!


( More will be coming soon! )

Lore eitc soldier The EITC Military Academy Received High Honors from the EITC Military Academy
Eitcguys The EITC Military Academy graduated from the EITC Military Academy!

Current Students - Current Year

Next School year starts First of October, and Ends Last day in January.

No Current Students

Enrollment for Next Year.

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  • Jack Goldwrecker

Current Teachers/Trainers

  1. Head Master - King Joshua Pond  21:13, September 1, 2011 (UTC)
  2. History - Johnny Coaleaston
  3. Mathmatics - Lord Leon EITC Transparent
  4. Battle Commands - Lord MaxamillionEITC Transparent
  5. Battle Operations - King Edward Daggerhawk
  6. War History - Lord Jeremiah Garland
  7. Artillary Cadet
  8. Calvary Cadet

Academy Ranking

British Soldiers1

Men Training in Artillary.





Training Ground Trainer Ranks

Superior Cadet

High Cadet

High Lieutenant

High Corporal

High Sergeant

High Private

Grading Scale

By the End of your 4th Semester, you must have over 1,000 Score Points to Graduate. Otherwise you do not Graduate, and either Leave or Restart at The Beginning of the next Year and complete 4 more Semesters.

Superior - Anything above 5,000 ( VERY HARD )

High - 5,000

Exellent - 4,500

Great - 4,000

Good 3,000

Okay - 2,500

Needs Improvement - 2,000

Need lots of Improvement - 1,000

Fail - anything lower than 999

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