The Dull Despot
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Joseph Grey


Joseph Grey


January 26, 2014




Plot Synopsis

It’s 1750. Both Great Britain & Spain have fallen into a state of despair. Philip of Spain is dead, and George II of Britain has gone mad with the disease porphyria. Louis XV of France remains the only suitable monarch of the “Big Three”. In Britain, a new leader, Lord Wellington, begins to take power from George, the developing “dull” despot.


Primary Characters

  • Sir Miles Rotterick James - Narrator
  • Lord Wellington - Byronic Protagonist
  • King Louis XV - Main Antagonist
  • King George II - Secondary Antagonist

Secondary Characters

  • Pope Vitiosus - Follower of Lord Wellington. Formerly known as Guglielmo Bicca de’ Terapiedi
  • Lord Seymour - Main opposition in the English House of Lords to Lord Wellington.
  • Lord Garfield - Speaker of the House of Commons, dynamic follower of Lord Wellington
  • Lord Russell - Lord Chancellor of Great Britain
  • Spencer Compton - Prime Minister of Great Britain

Minor Characters

  • Lord Adams - Corrupt Speaker of the House of Lords, who appoints Wellington to the House.
  • Joseph 


  • Britain (Manchester, Cambridge, York, London)
  • France (Piccardy, Normandy, Brittany, Lorraine, Aquatine, Orleans)
  • Italy (Florence, Lucca, Rome, Naples, Genoa, Venice)
  • Several German States (Prussia, Württemberg, Hesse)