March 1, 1744

When the first major war of the Caribbean began, the Paradoxian War, many other nations were fearful that they would be forced to join the war. One of the many islands, Driftwood, was a civilization far from able to defend themselves from any nation involved in the war. The village of Driftwood concluded that they must take precaution and form a resistance. Since Driftwood was one of the best trading locations at the time, they were stocked up on gunpowder, muskets, pistols, sabres, and land cannons. The Resistance quickly mounted cannons all over the island, and made sure the bay was cleared of any foreign ship. Resistance members would often search around the island to make sure it was clear of foreign men.

Resistance Activity

March 11, 1744: The Portuguese have attempted to steal the crops and weapons from the wealthy merchants on Driftwood, but the resistance has proven well with leaving enemy ships far from the bay with land cannons. No resistance casualties.

April 3, 1744: Some EITC merchants have attempted to secretly dock on the island with small light sloops. The resistance never let them ashore. No human casualties.

April 9, 1744: Pirates make it ashore by using two war vessels as a distraction. The main pirates fled to the island on smaller dinghies. A long skirmish took place on the island, barely any casualties for the resistance. Since the resistance did not have bayonets for close range combat, they unsheathed their sabres for maximum maneuverability. No human casualties.

April 21, 1744: EITC spy's are caught on Driftwood, many crops stolen, weapons destroyed. No human casualties.

May 3, 1744: Crops regrown. No more foreigners entering the bay, or harbor. The end of the first phase of the war is almost complete.

Current Resistance

The current resistance now openly trades with all British parties, and Pirates. If another big war sparks, the island closes trade with any nation involved in the war for safety. The resistance has been disbanded until needed to be summoned. Cheerio. The resistance has been disbanded until further notice.

Driftwood Rocks son

A view of the island from a light sloop.

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