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The Crusaders were the first and largest faction to settle in the land of "DraftCraft," and were a peaceful few. They had begun on an unknown date, when a player, AwesomeA321, decided to create a faction named the "Sausages." He then decided it would be a good idea to make a treehouse as his home. His friends, DAVESDAVY and Rocket_93 joined in. They built most of the treehouse, as they were skilled builders. Rocket_93 then made a deal with Awesome. If he renamed the Faction to something more serious, he would join. Thus, the Crusaders were born.

Rise and Extension

As time went on, Rocket made extensions to the treebase, and soon, the Crusaders made an alliance with another faction known as the "Minenauts." It consisted of two people, Agent__M and Captain_Naughty. Also, people began to join the Crusaders, but a sad time came. Rocket grew bored of the faction and left. However, the next member to have been in the faction longest took his place as Co-Leader, a boy named Krisrufin, but little did Awesome know deceit would follow.


The Crusaders were having a tough time, but that didn't stop them. Kris and Awesome had grown to be friends. However, one day, Kris started to grief the treehouse, and did much damage before Awesome noticed and killed him. However, the damage that was done could not be repaired, so Awesome disbanded the faction and the Crusaders had come to an end.

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