"Haras kash Makatsa."

The sith empire background by theonetheonlyalastar-d5pnyyy

The Crimson Cult is the magocratic descendent faction of the Sith Empire. Forged by the remants of the Empire and adepts of the Dark Side everywhere, their intentions remain both nefarious and unknown.


The Dark Lord of The Sith

Presumed to be the sole survivor and all that remains of the once prominent Resurgent Sith Empire that reigned millenia ago, the anonymous Dark Lord of the Sith is the occultist ruler of the Crimson Cult and master of the lost arts of Blood Magic, Thaumaturgy, Botania, Necromancy, and the finer arts of ring-bearing.


While their predecessors mostly worshipped the former Sith Emperor and him alone, the Crimson Cult favors the founder of the Sith themself, the lurking god of mischief Dianite. The Dark Lord of the Sith himself is a fanatical practitioner of the ancient Dianitist beliefs and follows them without question. While some believe he is simply the reincarnation of Dianite, he himself insists he is simply his most loyal follower and "only does as he commands."


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