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The Doctor wields the light

The Council of Light and Darkness pertains to role-play.

The Light and the Darkness

Once in the dawn of time a great race was born, The Lords of Light these masters of time were a brilliant race connected to each other through the light, but there was a problem some Lords delved into the Darkness which until then had been an unknown threat. The Council of Light was forced to banish these traitors into the void, a world which consisted of pure darkness, unbeknownest to the Council the traitors became stronger and began to seep darkness into the planet of earth and into humans which began to harness the power of the Darkness for themselves. The Lords of Light were faced by this onslaught of Darkness and all but one survived, he was known as The Doctor and he became the last of the Lords of Light, who were renamed the Time Lords.

The Doctor and his TARDIS escaped the onslaught of Darkness and placed thoughts of Light into human minds these became known as The Society of Light, but the evil of the darkness found out of The Doctors plans and immediatly banished him to another realm... but there was still hope the Time Lords nature is Strong and so The Doctor returned and began a great stand against the Darkness, with the help of UNIT and the Society of Light.

And so The Doctor founded the council of Light and Darkness, from the origins of The Council which had guided humanity and especially the British Isles to greatness in the last thousand years to control the amount of light and dark that was in the world.


  • The Doctor~founder

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