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The Cortevos Family

The Guines Family were the original founders of the Caribbean province of Cortevos. The province was founded when Lord Hernandez Cortevos, a wealthy European aristocrat, was given a large swath of land in the Caribbean by the king of Spain.

The Cortevos Family History

Lord Hernandez Cortevos was a wealthy aristocrat in the Spanish Monarchy. He was the cousin of the king of Spain at the time, and was given a large swath of land in the Caribbean, later named Cortevos, in 1679. It was just an island named Padres del Feugo, and Hernandez started to build a large community. He would buy more of the surrounding islands until he had a huge colony. Then, in 1705, there was a massive explosion in another part of the Caribbean, created by the English Army at Kingshead. That explosive wass that are here today. Hernandez died in the explosion, and had no family excep so massive, that it ripped the Caribbean into many bits, and created the servert for a wench by the name of Basile. She sold Hernandez's empire to a Red, who gerpaine]], and the new Gen. Of Peace took control, and made the server freewas GM of the Generals of Peace. After Red left the Caribbean, Lawrence Daggerpaine to anybody to play on as long as you are not disrupting other peoples play.

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