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Absolute Monarchy and a Constitutional Monarchy - December 24, 1745

In year of our lord 1745, His most Britannic Majesty King Agustus George II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a Constitutional sovereign. His majesty does not have limited authority to the nation but he can not do...

  • Shut down parliament.
  • Raise taxes.
  • Declare war on another foreign nation, must consult with the British parliament first.
  • Fire anyone in parliament except for his cabinet members.
  • Can not marry a catholic.
  • He can only marry protestants.

His majesty has the authority to...

  • Choose his own Prime Minister.
  • Veto Bills.
  • Decline Bills.
  • Promote anyone to Lord or Duke.
  • Shutdown the church of England.
  • Take money out of the British treasury.
  • Have full time security.
  • Promote or Demote anyone in the royal army/navy.
  • Declare any day a national holiday.
  • The king may always propose a bill to parliament. He may also propose a bill to declare war on any foreign nation.
  • Has the right to decline the prince's permission to marry anyone.
  • Has the right to remove anyone out of the royal family.
  • Has the right to arrange a divorcee with his wife.
  • Has the full authority to buy and sell land from and to to other foreign nations.

December 24, 1745 Signatures

  • Monarch - Geeorge II 
  • Prime Minister - Johnathan Goldtimbers
  • Speaker of the House of Lords -
  • Speaker of the House of Commons -
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