Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem

The Royal Navy Insigna

The First EITC squad is a small company within the guild that everybody is a part of that makes the army, navy and other military requirements; the reason for abolishing these guild companies is to make the military of the guild simple and so that everybody will be equal. So far everybody is part of this organization however a second squad may be made soon so that the guild will have yet again another military company.


Lord Usman: First Lord of Military

  1. Lord Jack Bluehawk: Head of Army

&nbsp The new model navy is made up normally by a light sloop for each member by the name of Black Mercenary a traditional method that has been used for many years since the EITC began, however higher ranked members may ask their captains to buy a war frigate for large sea activities that may happen over time, the bigger ships may be called Golden Mercenary so that they will overstand the Black Mercenary name which lower ranks are normally used to having light sloops.

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