The Guild entitled Clash at Demonhead was created in September 2010 by the pirate Ark Awesome. This guild currently has 30 members, all medium levels. We are currently recruiting, so if you want to join email me at I will post up pictures here once the spartans have been trained.

To be a Spartan you must be over lv 25 unlimited access. A rigorous training program will occur in tormenta, and the survivors will be ranked based on how well they did. These Spartan's will be the primary soldiers sent into wars with other guilds, and for fighting in raids.

After you have gained experience in fighting in battle, if you are lv 35 or over, you can become a general who leads groups of spartans into battle. It depends upon your sailing level, and your weapons.

The highest rank you can get without election is Admiral who is in charge of certain ships and commands several generals to attack things, give battle orders, etc... The Guildmaster, Ark Awesome, has since disbanded the guild.

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