Hi, Just a few hours ago on 5/20/12 I created a guild called " The Ceberus " I would like to have a maxed out guild.

none of my guilds have been very succsuesful, thats why im looking for a maxed out player to join it and be GM

Here are some EPIC features to our guild

  1. No Uniforms :D
  2. No Crazy Guildchat Rules :D
  3. Fun Legendary and Famed hunts EVERY WEEKEND for exactly 3 hours :D
  4. Epic SvS and PvP wars :D
  5. Every holiday there is a officer deal that once you join YOU BECOME A OFFICER :D ( one coming up on Memorial Day :D )
  6. and the most AWESOME feature have fun :D

And now for THE RULES

  1. Be respectful
  2. Lv 35+
  3. No Eitc allowed.
  4. Must attened at least 1 guild event a week
  5. Must go to rectruiting sessions lv 45+
  6. Don't argue
  7. No Swering ( abreveating counts )
  8. You definetally CAN roleplay but no mean roleplay
  9. No cyberbullying Guildchat or Not WHAT SO EVER

Ok so I hope a BUNCH of people join :D NOTE: we are evn trying to get John Foulroberts to be the GM :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye everyones Lucky Looting :D

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