Jeffrey Blasthawk

Billy Lockcutter has been captured by the crown of England for execution. Johnny Goldtimbers has ordered the capturing to get revenge on the man who shot his arm clear off, Jeffrey Blasthawk. Billy was Jeffrey's brother. Johnny was Jeffrey's sworn enemy. He needed to get his brother back.

Chapter One

Billy Lockcutter was an innocent person. Never wanted anything injust to happen to anyone. A well known EITC-Hater, his only wish was to see each and every one of them die. 

Billy, and his crewmates, which consisted of only four men had gone out to the Faithful Bride for a relaxing drinking/poker session. He had gotten his drink, and sat down at the poker table with the dealer, and his crew members. Everything was peaceful. His crew had finally reached the point where he had gained their trust completely. 

The door opened. Two armed EITC guards came in, and shot a warning shot in the air, scaring the entire bar. "Were looking for Billy Lockcutter." said one of them. Another shot was fired into the air. An alarmed Billy Lockcutter immediately crouched down and hid under the table. The other guard took a civilian and put his gun to his head. "If Billy Lockcutter doesn't come out in five seconds, he's dead!" Billy immediately sprang up out of hiding and gave himself to the guards. The surprised crew drew their pistols and demanded his release. Before the crew could react, they were all shot point plank in the heads. The whole bar flooded out the back door, and Billy was captured by the two guards.

Chapter Two

When news hit the Caribbean of two guards shooting a gang of pirates in the bar, Jeffrey was practising his swordsmanship skill. Jeffrey's friend, Davy Plunderflint came into the abandoned warehouse where he was practicing. "Jeffrey, have you heard?" "About what", Jeffrey responded. "Two EITC guards killed four people in a bar earlier." "So? This happens alot. Whose crew was it anyway? Do I know the crew leader?" Jeffrey said. "Yes." Davy responded. "Billy Lockcutter's crew."

Jeffrey knew what this meant, and immediately knew who did it, and why it happened. 

"Goldtimbers" he muttered under his breath. 

Jeffrey was devastated afterwards. He went to his home in Tortuga to mourn what was probably the loss of his brother. That was until Davy came into the shack to console him.

"How are you holding up?" Davy said. "Horrible. If only I were there to get him. I know, I could have gotten those two guards, if only I were there in time to stop them." Jeffrey responded. "Why dont you do something about it instead of sobbing like a little girl?" "Isnt it too late." 

to be continued