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How it Began

Thanks to many British Scientest, and Inventors, the Great British 1700s' Industrializing Era began! In November of 1744, Inventor Joshua Pond officially began the 1700s' Insturalization of The British Empire. He Started this with his first and one of his most useful inventions, The Wheat Harvester, and moved to greater things like The Steel Cage Wagon. He worked on many things to boost the Economy of the British Empire. King George II ( John Breasly ) was so pleased with The Wheat Harvester, he called Josh Ingenious! ( Another fancy word for a Genious ). Joshua Pond then Went on to starting new ideas! Ideas for the Royal Navy to make it even stronger! He thought of the idea, of long Iron rods, with spears on the end, that could be rammed into the side of ships to make sure the ship could not escape the grasps of the British Navy. He also went on to more Agricultural inventions, things for factories, and anything to boost up the Economy!

Inventions of the Era and their Inventors!

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