The Bountyhunter General

The Bountyhunter General

The Bountyhunter General, is an Upgraded Light Brig ship. It's owner is Captain Nicolas Stone (Captain Nick in-game). He's a pirate captain and member of Crestsilver's Army.


The Bountyhunter General is a light brig belonging to Captain Nick. He obtained it after plundering the seas. Nick accidentally started plundering a Navy ship near Raven's Cove. The entire fleet started sailing towards his ship with cannons ready to fire. Captain Nick and his crew were no match. He quickly docked his ship and ran into hiding on the island. The Navy captured his crew, sank his ship, and sailed off. After 3 days, Nick started to get a feel for insanity, having lost everything that was dear to him. A fleet of ships sailed into Raven's Cove and crashed onto the shores. Walker De Plank and Charles Crestsilver (Nick's cousin) were aboard these ships, having come onto the island, they discovered Nick (who by then looked gaunt and sickly—near death) . Nick came up to them and asked what was going on. Charles's explained the story (see Upgraded Vessels for the whole story) to Nick and offered him a Light Brig, which would be most fitting, seeing as he no longer had a crew.

After gaining the new Light Brig, Captain Nick sailed into attack towards the Navy fleets. After 3 months, he finally found the fleet that captured his crew. After a long and difficult battle, Captain Nick regained his crew. He headed back to Raven's to acquire a new, stronger ship. However, Walker was the only one with the key to release the ships, and he was nowhere to be found. Captain Nick took up bountyhunting as a new way to earn gold. After only 7 months, he became the top bountyhunter and leader of his own bountyhunting fleet. That's how the Bountyhunter General got it's name. 5 weeks later, Captain Nick decided to retire and go back to pirating.


  • HP / Armor: 9,400
  • Sails: 5,500
  • Speed: 10 Knots (15 on full sail)
  • Broadside: 20 Cannons on each side / 6 cannons on each deck
  • Cargo: 58
  • Crew: 68
  • Color: Brown with white sails (average color of ships)



The Bountyhunter General (right) with Crestsilver's Army


The Bountyhunter General taking on rough waters.


The Bountyhunter General sailing off.

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