The Nemesis
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The Nemesis at port


War Galleon

Port of Registry



The Brethren Courts


Captain Jim Logan

Sunk in

December, 1744

     The Black Nemesis is Captain Jim Logan's prized War ship, it is a War Galleon and he treasures it dearly, its earliest battle was agaisnt the Navy Treasure Fleet.

In the Captains Cabin, Jim but a plate(similar to The Lightning Wolf) it says, Long live Piracy, Long live the Brethren Court(s) and Long Live freedom

The Black Nemenis is one of the Flagships of the Brethren(s) It holds 51 cannons on each broadside. The ship is built from driftwood's VERY rare and strong wood called the tockasin woods. It is nearly indestroyable thanks to Captain Driftwood. It is part of the L'asile Pirate Navy

Near Final Fate

Although Jim resorted the Ship many times, one day during a "day off" from the war with the EITC, Jolly Roger appeared out of no where sinking the Ship and sending it to Davy Jones Locker, Jim has retrived it from the locker, but Jim claims it will take the Ship Wright 2 weeks to repair, Until then Jim keeps the Plaque that says Long Live Piracy, Long Live the Brethren Courts, and Long Live freedom In his home on Tortuga in the Bowdash Mansion.

Setting Sail once again

After weeks of waiting The Black Nemesis set sail once again ready to have a War with the growing EITC threat.


This ship was forever sunk to Davy Jones Locker in December 1721 after an attack of the EITC. and the Ship can never be recovered

200px-Pirate Flag of Rack Rackham svg2

The Flag of the Original Brethren Court, and Jim Logan


  • This is the only ship Jim has kept for over 2 months
  • This ship has been used as a passenger ship for lvl 6 and under before
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