The Battle of Blackheart Strait is a fan play inspired by Murder on Everglade Alley and The Mystery of The Stolen Design. This play is pure fiction and is not based off or meant to be an account of any real battle happening between countries in the game, Pirates of the Caribbean Online. This play was written purely for the enjoyment of Wiki users and players of the game.

Act I

Scene I

O' Reilly enters great cabin of the Prince of Wales, salutes smartly. Faye looks up from charts, surprised at the sudden interruption.

O' Reilly: Mr. Garland's respects, sir, and the Faye is signalling, sir. She says the York and Augustus are behind her, sir, and the rest of the squadron is coming up, sir.

Faye: Very well, thank you Lord O' Reilly. Is that all?

O' Reilly: No sir, I have been studying navigational charts in the wardroom when my watch is off, sir.

Faye: And?

O' Reilly: I noticed a passage through Hispaniola and Puerto Rico; I believe is used by the Spanish to smuggle supplies to the rebels in south-eastern Hispaniola, sir. I believe that there is a small island here, that is used by the Spanish as a go-between. The fishing village provides hospitality to the Spanish, which we must stop.

Faye: Very good, thank you. What do you suggest, being commander of this ship and squadron?

O' Reilly: I believe before heavy action is taken we should send in a scout ship, sir. Perhaps the Faye? She is the smallest and most adept and evading enemy patrols as well as sailing fast. She will be able to stay afloat above the shoals here, and steers well so as to be able to avoid the reef here.

Faye: Ah, I see. Thank you, Lord O' Reilly. Is that all?

O' Reilly: Yes, sir.

Faye: Dismissed, then.

O' Reilly exits as Faye continues examining the chart. Scene closes.

Scene II

In the great cabin of the Prince of Wales, Faye's subordinates are discussing the plan of action.

Faye: Mr. O' Reilly, as the officer that has decided on this attack, would you care to begin?

O' Reilly: Yes, thank you. Alright gentlemen. You are no doubt aware of the rebellion in Hispaniola? The Spanish prisoners of our French allies have stormed Fort Papillon and taken the stores there. The French have now begun a siege on their own fort, per say.

Pistol: Their own fort?

O' Reilly: To them, its better the fort is gone than it be in the enemy's hands. I should hope you men have that attitude as well.

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