Today June 23, the Pirates, Swedish and the Spainsh attack the EITC. They fought for awhile. Later the pirates claimed it. But the eitc fought back. The EITC and Pirates went into a SvS. Pirates where French EITC where Spanish. The deal was that who ever won owned Abassa Port Royal. The HMS Gun Voyager lead the attack, with Captain John Macbatten. Other Captains where Jeremiah Mcmorgan, Captain Johnny, Captain Ian, and Captain John. The outcome was Swedish won.


Picture 41

The HMS Gun Voyager attacking EITC Ships

Picture 301010

The HMS Gun Voyager taking on 2 EITC War Frigates and winning

Picture 36

The last couple EITC surendering

Picture 34

Attack of the EITC

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