The Construction

This building project was overseen by a wealthy man named, Watly Henrick Bardevoire. It took 3 years to build such a magnificent work of art. In the end of the construction process, the building stood 200 feet tall, boasting advanced luxuries such as, a pool, a billiard room, 7 private bathrooms, 5 master bedrooms, 9 acres of land, and a huge lake that goes from the inside and continues outside.

The Bardevoire Dynasty

Watly Henrick Bardevoire was granted Governorship a year after the completion of the mansion. He became Governor of Kengly, a wonderfully rich port (richer than Port Royal) located just outside the current Caribbean perimeter. Bardevoire ruled there for 20 years, until a giant raging madman reigned down on the peaceful town. The man ransacked the town of everything except the goods at the Bardevoire Mansion. Watly requested help, but received none. Two months later, Bardevoire got a letter of mark stating he was being stripped of his governmental powers. The Bardevoire Dynasty was over and dead.

Forever alone

Watly Bardevoire made several attempts to reach the outside world, but the remaining guards were given secret orders to keep Bardevoire from ever being heard from ever again. All the attempts (letters) were burned by the guards. Watly demanded to know what was going on, none of the guards answered. A month later, a shifty guard confronted Bardevoire telling him of the orders, and informing him that to the outside world, Kengly had sunk from the attack 3 months before. Turns out the person who took Bardevoire's powers away tried to keep the continued existence of Kengly silent for months.

The Revenge

To be continued...

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