The Beginning

At first, Nate and his guild was just a small guild struggling to get to the top. Camps were made across servers and eventually bases.

Months later, numbers have increased, and Nate wanted to organize his army. So he changed his guild into an Empire, called The Bandido Empire.

This is a government within the guild. After creating the Empire, Nate sailed the seas to Kokoago. On the Port Royal Docks, he met Sir Charles Newgate, Rose Winsome, Catherine Harcourt, and much more. They said they heard rumors about Nate and his military across the seas. So Nate's guild changed

from a tribe of bandidos to an organized Empire...


Nate first formed his military in early August, and it was the first step in power and organization. The whole guild is in the military,

but here are the highest ranks:

Nate Raidhawk: Head Bandido

Mark Ironflint: Chief Bandido

William Warfury: 3rd In Command


The goverment was formed recently, and is now the center of power and organization.

Here are the highest ranks:

Nate Raidhawk: Ruler

Captain Mark Ironflint: Vice Ruler


Matthew Mcflint: Port Royal

William Warfury: Padres Del Fuego

Chris Scurvykidd: Tortuga

Peter Wildsilver/Carson: The Colony of Isla Perdida

Peter Coalvane: Cuba

Nate Raidhawk: The Colony of Raven's Cove


Being developed as you read this. Coming soon.

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