A fine example.This mustache says.."I'm a very important man. I have many..leather bound books and my apartment REEKS of rich mahogany!"

Yes. Its finally here.

To join this group, you need an awesome mustache!

Co. Founders: Jeffrey Blasthawk, Jack Swordmenace

Aprankmustache The Awesome-Looking Mustache Guys HATED the oil mustache from April Fool's Day!


Copy and paste this to the comments(Excluding Jack and Jeffrey)

I ________ promise to never shave my dashing mustache. I promise to never dis my mustache ever. I promise never to get my mustache dirty, and keep it clean!


  • Jeffrey Blasthawk The King of Random-"Hairy Randomness"
  • Jack Swordmenace-"Onyx Glory" (renamed)
  • Nate Blueshot-?
  • Edgar Wildrat-"Awesomely Awesome"
  • Stpehen- "Green With Envy 'Stache"
  • Matthew O'malley- "The Mean Streak
  • Remy- Remys mustache lol
  • Chuck Norris (and if you delete this...I don't need to say any more xD)

Wanted Members:

  • We got alot of people :D

The Legendary Mustaches

  • Jack Swordmenace's mustache, "Silver Glory" (yes I named it... shut up! XD)

Pure Eye Candy.This mustache says..."Even when I lose, I still win. Now, off to lift 2000 lb. dumbbells and arm wrestle the GODS!"

  • Stpehen's Green With Envy 'Stache. I have more class in one mustache hair than anyone here.

  • Mat O'malley's "The Mean Streak" This says, I am a beast, now be off with you, ya knave!!!!!!
    The Mean Streak

    This says, I am beast, now be of with you, ya knave!!!!!!

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