The Arrow Navy is a very large navy that operated in the Caribbean. At one time, this group had an extremely large amount of soldiers, allies, and vessel.


The Head Admiral's brother, Jordan Prowwalker is not very honest with the nav., He has given important information about attack plans and battle strategies into the hands of pirates. Action will need to be taken if the navy is to remain strong.


There are new, weaker rookies in this group, and also very skilled, experienced veterans and officers.

  • Cadet: Level 1-5 They fight with a sword.
  • Thug: Level 5-10 They attack with a gun.
  • Marine: Level 10-19 These well-trained marines will battle enemies with any type of weapon available.
  • Veteran: Level 12-23 These trained Veterans fight with cutlasses.
  • Officer: Level 30-45 They attack with daggers.


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