The Army Of Allies is an army that is working to be the best in the Caribbean, and in other places. It has several nations and organizations in it, mostly army people from the nations/organizations are in it, the royalty doesn't have to declare that they are in.


  • EITC
  • The Holy City
  • The Royal Navy
  • North
  • Spain
  • France
  • Tanatanaka

Representitives From The Nations/Organizations

  • Kiara De Sinti - Spain (commander in the army)

  • Admiral Drake Johnnington - The Royal Navy (admiral)

  • Drake De La Maliana - France (commander in the army)

  • James Raidrage - Tanatanaka (lead general in the army)

  • Commadore John Louis - EITC (commadore in the EITC)
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