La Mafia Antonio

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Antonios are one of three types of goons employed by the powerful cartel, La Mafia. They are used for committing all the crimes in La Mafia and are all excellent at stealth. The Antonios are the best shots of the 3 goons and are known to be able to shoot the pear out a Paradoxian's hand from a long range.

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Antonios were once bandits and pirates from the jungles of Port Royal that used their excellent marksmanship for hunting and looting. The Paradox came through their area and displaced them so they were forced to find a new area to pillage, but La Mafia offered them a better deal so they joined as goons and were all simply renamed Antonio.

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The Antonios prefer to use tri-barreled muskets and pistols because of their advantage over enemies in marksmanship, but also carry sabres and daggers for close-range combat and grenades for distractions and get-aways.

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