The Anti-War Organization was an organization that speaks out against wars, specifically the past war against Spain and alliances. The AWO was initially founded September 7, 1744, to counter the ongoing First Anglo-Spanish War (Paradoxian War). Now, it has been reorganized to do the same against the Second Anglo-Spanish War.

About Us

On September 7 of 1744, Lord Jeremiah Garland, then First High-Lord of the EITC under Samuel Harrington, founded the Anti-War Organization. Garland believed the war with Francis Chiphawk and the Paradox had dragged on for far too long, thus founded the organization to speak against war.

The Anti-War Organization does not "fight" for either faction of the war. Although Lord Governor of the EITC, Garland does not support the company nor England in the war, nor does he support Spain. The AWO speaks against the ongoing war using peaceful tactics, such as civil disobedience, rallies and protests, propaganda, and other means necessary.

Official Anti-War Petition

Due to recent events, it would appear as if the war is to continue. If you do not wish for this war to continue, sign this petition. In signing, you are stating that you completely oppose the war, and refuse to take part in fighting. You are also stating your neutrality in the war. (Note: By "neutrality", that goes only for the war; you are still a dedicated member of your nation, and your rank will not be affected). This is simply a friendly petition to end all fighting and ask both sides to settle our differences. Obviously, the war will not be over any time soon, despite what any of you think. It will drag on, and will get absolutely nowhere. That is why I propose we give peace a chance. If you wish to give piece a chance along side me, put your name below (no signatures).

  • Lord Governor Jeremiah N. Garland I, MBE
  • King Johnathon Ronaldo Turner of Barbary
  • Ned Daggerkidd
  • Lord Andrew N. Mallace. Chancellor of the Exchequer, British Treasury
  • Lord John Warsmythe T.G. of the EITC
  • Prime Minister Johnathan Goldtimbers of Great Britain
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