The founding of the Regiment
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Sargeant Sharkahyes with his cannon "Black betty"


Uniforms officer on the right, gunner on the left.

The The regiment was founded in 1745 on the 27th of September and was created after Lieutenant General Richard Venables had an idea! There was a cannon defence game in POTCO so why not make an Artillery Regiment? and so the 1st Regiment of the Royal Artillery was founded. It is currently only in the makings and is looking for volunteers and officers to join this Regiment if you would like to be a part of it please leave a note in the comments.


  • Colonel Alexander Johnson
  • Major Richard Venables, Gunnery Marshall

    Major Venables

  • Lord Tyler Crossbones, Chief Gunnery Officer
  • Lieutenant Richard Luther, Captain of the Arsonel
  • Colour Sargeant Nickolai Sharkhayes, Gunner
  • Private Matthew Swordfist, gunners mate
  • Private Hector Toothcrest, gunners mate
  • Lt. Colonel Ishmael Venables, Trainer


RoundShot The 1st Royal Artillery Regiment's favorite ammo in Cannon Defense is Round Shot!
Cannonmaster The 1st Royal Artillery Regiment is a master of the Cannon!
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