TheWikians (also stylized as The Wikians) is a faction operating out of the MythCraft factions server. It was founded by Ned_Edgewalker on September 25th, 2014.


Ned_Edgewalker wanted to start up a new faction with some of the Wikian Minecrafters. He first attempted to recreate the one he had made on the Creatures Server, but found the server to be unplayably buggy. Ned sought to find a new server, instead of returning to previous servers such as Elitecraft. Ned ended up discovering Mythcraft, a popular multi-purpose server with an active factions area. Ned officially made TheWikians on September 25th, although the day saw no activity within the faction. However, the day after, Ned was joined in the faction by BaronVonShush, drlithium_ and Dirty_Mallace and a base was established. Cannonwalker joined later in the day.


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