Templar Mercenaries (Faction) is a Minecraft Page.

Templar Mercenaries (often shortened to TemplarMercs) is a faction on the Elitecraft server and the sister faction of The Templars. The leader and founder is AlReyesSpark.


Templar Mercenaries was created by AlReyesSpark under the order of Captain_Naughty as an indirect way of recruiting to the main Templars faction. The plan is to have people wanting to join the Templars first join the Templar Mercenaries, and the ones who are deemed to be the most trustworthy and skilled are promoted to the main faction.


  • AlReyesSpark - Founder and Leader of the Templar Mercenaries. Al oversees the operation of the faction directly on behalf of the Templars, determining which recruits are most fit to be promoted to the main faction.
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