Island RP

T E M P L A R S is a guild that serves the PDRC (Pirate Dominion of Ravens Cove). It is the new force founded by the Grand Lord, Albert Spark. He established it with his alias name of Sparkle X.

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The T E M P L A R S were founded on February 23, 1746. Its current Guildmaster is Albert Spark and is the anchor guild for the PDRC. Oftenly found on the least populated part of the island where most don't dare to go, they help look out for any raids and act much like the Coastal Guard, but the two do have a difference.

Country RP

T E M P L A R S is the official flagship Russo-Chinese guild. It leads the Russo-Chinese Military and fights with their colours. They have vowed to defend their nation.

Allied Guilds

  • The Outlanders: Neutral
  • Hermit Rangers: Allied
  • British Co. Elites: Neutral
  • The Eco Warriors: Neutral

Member Database

Guildmaster: Albert Spark lvl 33

Guild Council

  1. Guildmaster: Albert Spark lvl 33
  2. Co. GM: Davy Hookwrecker lvl 50
  3. Chief Officer: Ned Greasevane lvl 46
  4. Chief Veteran: Sparkle X lvl 6


  1. Chief Officer Ned Greasevane lvl 46
  2. Vice Chief John Daniels lvl 50
  3. Assistant Officer Flynn Marrymartin lvl 26
  4. Assistant Officer Pirate lvl 6
  5. Officer William Shipshot lvl 25
  6. Officer ___
  7. Officer ___


  1. Chief Veteran Sparkle X lvl 6
  2. Vice Chief Veteran _____
  3. Assistant Veteran ____
  4. Assistant Veteran ____
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