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TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! is the person mentioned in an ancient prophecy. The prophecy was written by Jim Bloodsilver, then discovered by Jim Bloodsilver, after he wondered why there wasn't a Chosen One in POTCO. SO, he set out on a journey to many different places(I.E. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, almost any book ever written these days, ever.) to study their Chosen Ones. There, he found a time machine, went back in time, wrote the prophecy, came back to our time, and showed the prophecy to everyone. It says how TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! (for that is how it is spelled) shall come down from the sky, shoot all the Navy and EITC, kill Jolly Roger, claim the HMS Doomsday,destroy South America, then be locked into an epic battle with Chuck Norris. However, they'll both realise that the other is awesome, and neither shall die. Then, the pirates will get mad, because TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! killed anybody they could steal from, so they will try to kill him. However, TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! can not be killed, so they'll just send him to Jimlavania and seal him in a rock.
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TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! commanding the HMS Doomsday.

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TEH CHOSIN WON!!!!! sealed away forever. Or until we run out of cement.

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