The T.S.O.L.W.S Maelstrom or ( The Society Of Light War Ship class ) is a Advanced Ship of The Line owned by Bill Plunderbones and The Society of Light

Bil ship 2

back of Maelstrom

Bil ship

TSOLWS Victory Maelstrom

Bil ship 5.5

side view of Maelstrom


2 gun decks of 12 cannons

top deck row cannons of 8

2 bow cannons that fire LGHT shots - Cannonballs fuesd with Light energy

1 stern cannon that fire LGHT shots

a place to put The Lights Blade and channel its powers to the ship itself

Broadside blades - 3 sythe like blades can come out ands impale ships on either side

figure head can fire a spectral LGHT blast from the arrow


The Victory Maelstrom was created when TSOL members captured one of the many QARs and souped her up to form their Prized warship when not in use it is lokced in a secret cove only Bill and Law know where.

It appeared in The Darkness's Revenge

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Bil ship 4

TSOL capturing The future Maelstrom in a TSOLRS ship

Bil ship 5

The Light transforming the QAR


The Darkness's Revenge

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