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<p style="text-align:center">'''[[File:Box Belts.png|thumb]][[File:Full.png|thumb|left]]'''</p>
<p style="text-align:center">'''[[File:Box Belts.png|thumb]][[File:Full.png|thumb|left]]'''</p>
<h2 style="text-align:center"><u>**</u><u>****NEW ERA******</u></h2>
Since the Guild has been deleted Admiral Henry has Remade it and is recruiting anyone; Old or New Players. The Only requirement is that you are EITC ( or Navy ) If Pablo somehow ever does return ( unlikely but if happens ) Henry will hand the guild back to him. There are going to be Uniforms and ranks.
<p style="text-align: center">'''<u>This guild only looks up to Pablo as the Head of the EITC</u>'''</p>
<p style="text-align: center">'''<u>NOT TRYING TO CAUSE OFFENSE. </u>'''</p>
[[Category:EITC Guilds]]
[[Category:EITC Guilds]]

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Swordmaster's Co. Is a brand new EITC guild with old members

of the EITC, that knew her rulesthumb|300px|right|Swordmaster's Co. In training very good, Some of them have their own wiki pages and more. Swordmaster's Co. Is one of the EITC guilds but this one is diffferent, it is old and new at the same time, it's name is recognized by the finest EITC gentlemen or pirates like Lola Lou that were wanted many year ago. Also this guild has a better ranking system, positions, and of course a band of loyal members. This guild is in the National Caribbean Alliance, N.C.A. Swordmaster's Co. was created by Pablo Swordmaster of course. -----> over there is a video showing you how we train. It was made some days ago so it isn't as awesome as you think, but we will try to work on that.
Guild Userbox ImageEITC Swordmaster's Co. is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
N.C.A I am a National Caribbean Alliance member!

Swordmaster's Co. Allies

We are trying to recover peace once again.And of course finish the looting and killing of our men and ships.OUR EITC will stay like it was. We will keep on going with the plans and make much more things. Such as making more videos and of course make more friends.Swordmaster's Co. Is allied with Samuel Redbeard's Black Officers


NOTE:This are REAL rankings of the actual army.





Captain or Admiral




Major Commodore

Royal Commodore

Major General


Crude Navy uniform!

Crude navy suit for basic members! here it is:

Red cotton short sleeve
Plain Linen Highwaters

Box Belts

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