As many may know the Right Honourable Lord James Usman Strider is not a person who really fights for himself, however this does not mean he doesn't use a sword, Usman's sword is called Striderhand which was given to him by the King of England (King George I ) when he visited in talks to him about the current situation in Spain on which was to do with total war, the sword is a ceremonial sword that was intended for the Prime Minister of England, its handle is gold filigree with folded steel in the handle. makes up The scabbard is black, with also a rare materials found from Fort William in England which is worth almost the same amount as all the oil rigs in the middle east. One main problem however is when Usman was visited by Cutler Beckett and was mistaken to be a pirate due to him being in disguise to catch pirates who were in Port Royal Beckett ordered Usman's arrest. In a hurry to leave Usman forgot his sword which stayed in its office in Fort Charles and fled to Tortuga as Cutler Beckett used the fort and Usman's sword. It was later given back to him when Beckett realized Usman was an officer

The Striderhand Sword





Ships served on:

(many) EITC Black Mercenary HMS Black Mercenary.


900.00 - 200.00 - Limited due to tempory regeneration

Heir to weapon:

Position vacant



A Soldier's weapon

As the war with piracy was beginning to turn in the favour of Pirates the English Royal Navy intended to promoting only the best of the best of soldiers to senior ranks. Is was this time on which Usman was promoted from Captain to Commodore in the Royal Navy. As the rank came Usman was given the Striderhand for ceremonial use as well as battle for the present and future.

The incident

As Usman launched his campaign to rid the world of Pirates he decided to disguise himself as one, it was however at this time when Cutler Beckett was due to arrive to inspect the soldiers at the Fort. Usman left the sword in his Office and obtained a Cutlass on which he went about spying on the local thieves and pirates alike. When Usman walked on the docks, Cutler Beckett mistaken ordered the Navy soldiers to open fire, the

Cutler Beckett questioning Weatherby Swann about Usman

Soldiers knowing about Usmans campaign hired their weapons but did not fire. Beckett himself chased Usman until he fell into the water and retreated to the Fort and obtained Usmans small sword.

Gallery of the Striderhand

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