Hammurabi went to a Mesopotamian Jewler, a Mesopotamian Blacksmith, and a team of 13 welders. And a couple thousand slave miners to put together this sword. He ordered it to be made, in a period of 100 days and to be presented to him on a fort night. During that time, the was made from various jewels, and 24 Karat gold. He ordered it to be a pure gold handle with jewels encrusted in it. And the blade to be forged not out of the common rock the swords at that time were made of. But in the Himilayas, on the tallest Mountain (Mount Everst), he ordered minerals to be mined from their. It was made into some of the first steel. But it was pure steel, a VERY strong substance. Hammurabi brought it to a Mystic and had him curse the blade so only pure gold may sharpen it. 

Use by King Hammurabi

When Hammurabi wrote his famous codex, he personally executed the people with serious death sentences or infractions against the Gods. King Hammurabi sliced from the back of the neck down to cut the head off. It was passed down until the last king of Ancient Mesopotamia, when Mesopotamia fell, they tried to save the sword but it was lost in the Ocean forever. 

Between 1745-1750

Between the time of Pirates, at World End and On Stranger Tides. Jack Sparrow heard the legend of the sword from Mistress Ching, and he set out to find the Blade. He was told the Sword had the Ability to give him eternal life. Jack Sparrow secretly did find it, in the shadow of what Isla De La Meurta once stood. Jack Sparrow had to retrieve a piece of Aztec Gold to survive in the deep water so he is immortal. He hauled up a piece of the 800. He was immediatly cursed. He jumped into the Deep, Dark Waters of the deep Atlanctic. He walked the bottom of those waters 500 feet down. He could not see a thing or feel anything, so he had to do something DEADLY. He had to extract all 800 pieces from the chest. Which would cause death, but he had one in his hand keeping him alive. He took the sword, and put all 799 pieces back. He took 1 piece, and went to the beachy land around. Sparrow knew he needed to return the piece or be cursed forever, he returned it and went and kept the sword in secret. The sword did not recognize him as its owner though, so to him it was just a fancy sword. So he did so much, for nothing. Thats why he set out for London to percure a Ship and Crew.

The Sword

7 detail

The Handle


The Sword itself

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