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The Sword of Cortez is very unique indeed. It attacks like a cutlass when fighting one enemy, but then attacks like a broadsword when fighting more than one enemy. it is a Legendary Cursed Blade (cutlass) and has MANY skills on it. All skills and abilities are either rank 8 or +8. The swords moves are followed by a gold sparkly shadow. This is currently the ONLY KNOWN sword that can kill a Rage Ghost without having to use the Cursed Ice. The resell price is a whopping 60,000 coins (60k)! The current owner of this mighty blade is Samuel Redbeard. This swords abilities cannot be taken by the magic of another blade. This blade is also the only blade strong enough to defend you against even the strongest attacks from any other blade. This blade is made of titanium, Silver, Celestial Bronze, Stygian Iron, wood, obsidian, and has a diamond edged blade, making the blade EXTREMELY sharp. Dirt and rust have no effect on the blade, and the blade takes in only materials that can/will make it stronger. On one side of this blade the Latin words "Una Nos Increbresco Obvius" are engraved, and on the other side, the rest of the motto is engraved... "Sapentia Nos Fides." This blade is also double-edged. The sword looks similar to the Tyrant Blade, but it is a cutlass and isn't covered in barnacles as though it was sitting at the bottom of the ocean. This blade was forged in the fires of the volcano Mount Etna ( according to Greek Mythology, this was the volcano Zeus trapped Typhon in ), and tempered with Basilisks venom.


Level 30 Sword

Attack(varies, will always be the highest in game) Currently 297

Sulpheric Swing (Hits all enemies through ANY type of protective shielding for 10,000 damage! VERY effective against the Undead!)

Drain Health

Drain Voodoo

Voodoo Damage

Steal Health

Steal Voodoo

Critical Strike

Venom Strike

Fire Strike

Acid Strike

Curse Strike( Curses the enemy with every hit)

Stun Immunity

Pain Immunity

Poison Immunity

Acid Immunity

Fire Immunity

Snare Immunity

Curse Immunity

Life Drain Immunity

Shock Sweep


Sure Footed

Ghost Form

Inferno Sweep


Death Blow ( a powerful hit to all enemies. Hits 3000-5000 and knocks down enemies.)

Blade Storm+8

Endurance Boost+8

Thrust Boost+8

Time of Legend(invincibility for 80 seconds, as well as 75% more damage and you, attack two times faster automatically when activated.)

Wrath***DOES NOT NEED TO BE ACTIVATED***(Summons red lightning from the ground when you die if this weapon is equipped. This Dark Magic lasts 8 seconds. Hits all nearby enemies in quite a big radius. Similar to the attack Iban uses in The Underground Pass quest on the game RuneScape.)

Forsake***DOES NOT NEED TO BE ACTIVATED***(Automatically heals 1250 when health falls below 20%, only does this once for every fight.)

Soul Split***DOES NOT NEED TO BE ACTIVATED***( automatically hits through ANY other blades invincibility skills.)

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