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Swiss Blockades In Home Server Battama

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Matt Standing With A Swiss Officer

The Swiss Home server of Battama Has Secure Blockades Of Ships. Docked With 50 Men And 20 Cannons.The Kings Alliance With.. Russia, England, Sparta, Prussia, And Other Small Countries May Contribute To Some Of The Blockades. The Main Fort Of New Alexander Is Located South Of The Top Blockade. New Alexander Has Roughly 390 Men With 300 Cannons Infantry Patrols Go Reguarly. The Empire Is Very Protected. Heil SwissAnd Its Allies

Government Ranks

(Note: You do not have to be in the guild to be in the government)

Prime Minster - Lord Jason BladeMorgan


Commander of Military Operations - William Cabinburn


Holder of Country Allies - Open


Postmaster Of Taxes- Open


Secretary of War - Open



Throw us your guns! For the Swiss are here!

"Swiss Royals" is the main guild of the Swiss Empire, lead by King Matthew Alexander Ivan IIII. It contains Switzerland's government and military. strict rules apply such as proper cleaning of guns and other weapons.

Most Wanted: Ishamel Decksteel


Peasants' War

Revolt of the rural population between Lucerne and Bern against the undemocratic rule of the cities. The rebels are defeated and severely punished.



peasant revolt

1719 - 1722


peasant revolt


Major Davel

patriotic revolt against domination of Vaud by Bern

1726 - 1739


revolt against the rule of the prince-bishop of Basel

nt system and military system. The guild also consists of the central government, which has four slots currently open to people and/or government officials of other nations interested in any position.We are currently building up men for a war with spain.
The Swiss Royals March

The Swiss Royals March

British Flag stands as an honor to be allies with Britain and Breasly

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King Alexander showing off

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