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Images (40) Sweden Declares War On England is a out-dated article! No further edits on this page are required unless its a spelling mistake.

Today, Sweden Empire and all of their allies have declared war the weak country of England. Sweden Empire is being aided by many other countries including Spain (King Carlos Clemente).

Sweden will not be doing the war on wiki. Its not going to do, 'England attacks Sweden and 105050450450 Swedes are dead", We will be fighting in game. The main guild is Sweden Empire with GM John Macbatten.

This war was declared and is signed by,

Sweden-flagKung John Macleve högt på Av Sverige Translation King John Macbatten of Sweden 23:50, June 21, 2011 (UTC)John Macbatten

Fear the power of the Swedish Empire, when we fight, we always win.

Allies of England

If you are allied with England/ On England's side put your name here

  • King Shadow Sail of Italy
  • Signora Miss de Firense (Miss Telltale)
  • Grand Admiral James Howlett
  • Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard
  • East India Trading Company
  • Co. Black Guard
  • Lord Johnny Goldtimbers
  • King John Breasly II of England
  • Royal British Navy
  • The British Knights
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • King Edward Daggerhawk
  • Lord Matthew Blastshot
  • The British Knights
  • Telltales United
  • E I T C Militia
  • Jack Pistol
  • Order of Nautillus
  • Skull's Marines
  • Gen. Of Peace
  • The magnificent general, Capt. Skull X
  • DON'T KICK ME OFF THIS LIST AGAIN! -,...,- ~ !~Mega~!
  • Davy Hookwrecker of the EITC Davy Hookwrecker,Elven Lord

Allies of Sweden

If you are allied with Sweden/On Sweden's side put your name here:

  • La Casa Unida
  • Spartans Savvy
  • Jack Redsilver
  • Jimlavania
  • Japan
  • Davy Gunfish
  • The Grizzly Sharks
  • the dawn sky pirates
  • Black Guard Co.
  • DW Alliance
  • Jade Stormfury
  • Prince Leon of Spain
  • Dandandragon
  • Rainbow Unicorn
  • Peter Wavefury
  • Line of Spartans
  • Sikk Boyz
  • Cadet
  • Emily Hearthawk
  • Princess Trish Peer
  • Commander Lawrence Helmbane
  • Hippie
  • Spade
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Captain Johnny
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Shah Robert Shipstealer
  • The French Royalty
  • Empire Total War
  • El Looters
  • Most Wanted
  • Haters of EITC
  • North Spain Trading Company
  • Poland
  • Captain Bonehead
  • None of the above


  • Swedish river monsters (like Jeremy Wade)
  • Pocahontas
  • Blackbeard Teach
  • China

War News

  • 37,000 Spanish Infantry, under the command of General William Foulbutler invade Liverpool England, and raze the city.
  • 1,200 Artillery Units are set around Oslo, setting up steady fortifications for Sweden.
  • Russia sends 500,000 gold coins to England.
  • English forces bombard Spanish coast, setting ablaze hundreds of villages. Women and children are spared, all men are slaughtered.
  • English and Danish forces begin the siege of Oslo (which is ironically under Danish control....).
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